Dachshund Aggression - What Causes it and How to stop it

Published: 15th October 2010
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Injury, dominance, genetics and fear may all result in Dachshund aggression. Aggression is not okay; you have to stop it as quickly as you see it. Failing to deal with Dachshund aggression may be devastating for both you and your dog.

What Causes Dachshund Aggression?

Aggression may well be observed at a young age, sometimes even before a dog has been weaned. One way to stop Dachshund aggression is to make sure your puppy is well socialized with people and other dogs. Dachshund puppies work out about aggression from interactions with their littermates throughout the first few weeks of life. Getting used to being touched by humans tells your Dachshund that it's Okay to relax around humans.

Aggression may be seen in Dachshunds which have been treated cruelly as puppies.

Incidents of Dachshund aggression can be caused by several factors. Dachshunds were bred to be hunters, so genetics may play a part, but it is by no means always the case. Dachshunds not used for showing or breeding should be neutered as being intact increases the possibility of aggression. The most significant factor related to Dachshund aggression is environmental. Dachshunds that have been handled poorly and are not well socialized are more probably to become aggressive

If you have a few Dachshunds you can see some aggression linked to pack position. Your Dachshunds will probably check other dogs to see if they may move up the pack hierarchy. This aggression may take several forms including biting, body language, and challenging. You have to prove to your Dachsund that you hold the alpha position in the pack. Letting your Dachshund be pack leader is asking for trouble with aggression towards your family, including biting them.

Stopping Dachshund Aggression

If your Dachshund is an adult and unexpectedly gets aggressive you need to take urgent action. When thinking about Dachsund aggression ask yourself, are you leader of the home or is your Dachshund? Is something you are doing causing the aggression?

Train your Dachshund the core commands sit, down and stay, letting them know which you are their pack leader.. Feed your Dachshund on a regular routine after you have eaten, taking away their bowl when they have eaten. Train your Dachshund to walk on a loose lead and not pull. Also depart the house before your Dachshund and make them wait until you have entered before they come in the house.

There are types of aggression which you should always get qualified assistance to treat. Probably the most significant is fear aggression, where your Dachshund could bite when they feel afraid. If you have children, bear in mind they could be at risk from an aggressive Dachsund who may well perceive them as a threat and bite. In these cases you should obtain the assistance of a dog trainer or behaviorist who could work with you to tackle your dogs particular problem.

Dachshund aggression is a issue lots of owners live through. It is something that may well be deal with and corrected, even in mature dogs. Many times, the best technique is to get the help of a expert, to resolve the issue before it reaches the point where your Dachshund is aggressive people or other dogs and you could be held legally responsible.

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